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Bespoke lending solutions designed for mass tort firms.


The partnership approach.


Our partnership approach to litigation lending emphasizes a collaborative and selective model. We are discerning in choosing our business partners, ensuring a synergy of values and objectives. Our detailed process is meticulously designed to address the individual needs of your law firm, whether for growth funding, case-specific financing, or other unique requirements.


By understanding and aligning with your firm's distinct ambitions and challenges, we aim to craft solutions that pave the way for shared success.


Our "Experience-Guided Lending" approach is deeply rooted in a comprehensive understanding of diverse legal landscapes.


From mass tort and personal injury cases to the intricacies of commercial litigations such as patent infringement, breach of contract, intellectual property disputes, and bankruptcy proceedings, our lending methodology is tailored to meet the specific financial needs of each domain. This ensures that your firm receives not only funding, but also strategic financial guidance driven by deep expertise and a commitment to your success.


Your Capital at the Forefront.

Investing with Armadillo offers a unique opportunity to diversify your portfolios in the burgeoning litigation finance market.


By partnering with one of the most trusted and experienced litigation lending firms, you will position yourself at the forefront of a $15 billion* industry that is protected from traditional market shifts.

Please contact our leadership team today to learn more. 

The Johnson Law Group law firm provides expert valuation oversight for all mass tort funding endeavors, ensuring accuracy and integrity in financial assessments.


Renowned for their success and esteemed reputation in the legal industry, The Johnson Law Group has become a trusted beacon of excellence and reliability.


Investing in litigation funding offers a diversified and resilient investment strategy, often yielding returns that are uncorrelated with traditional market fluctuations.


Additionally, as the mass tort industry grows, the demand for such funding showcases a robust growth trajectory, presenting significant opportunities for discerning investors.



Your Clients are in Trusted Hands.

With Armadillo Litigation Funding, law firm lending brokers can be assured that their law firm clients are in the trusted and expert hands of industry leaders.


We genuinely value collaboration and invite you to forge a lasting partnership with us, ensuring mutual success and growth for both you and your valued clients.
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